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Please fill this form out and submit it to the Information Technology Department

Agreement To Use Penn State University Owned Equipment

You are being given the privilege of using equipment that is owned by Penn State University while you are a student in the Honors Program here at the Hazleton Campus. This equipment should be treated accordingly. The resources are provided to enhance the academic environment and improve the quality of your experience as an Honors student. You must agree to the terms of the following statements to indicate your understanding.

Please initial to show your agreement with the statements below:

_____ [Initial] I understand that this Agreement is for the use of the iPad as long as I am in the Honors Program. At any time I am no longer in the program the iPad must be returned.

_____ [Initial] I understand that the iPad being loaned to me is the property of Penn State University and I agree to use it for the purposes outlined in the assigned coursework for which this equipment is required.

_____ [Initial} I understand that I am responsible for safe guarding this equipment from damage or theft. I will not leave this equipment unattended in a location where it may be damaged or stolen. (e.g., a vehicle or classroom).

_____ [Initial] I agree to report immediately any and all damage of the equipment to a staff member in the Information Technology Department.

_____ [Initial] I will not loan the iPad to anyone else.

_____ [Initial] I understand that I may be asked to return the iPad at any time by the Honors Program coordinator(s) and/or the campus IT staff.

_____ [Initial] Any personal data that I have downloaded onto the iPad will be erased when the iPad is returned. (this includes any apps I personally download, pictures, music etc.)

_____ [Initial] I understand that I may be required to purchase and/or download applications ("apps") to the iPad for assignments in honors courses. Although the university may occasionally pay for apps (by issuing redeemable codes for use in the iTunes store) this is not guaranteed. It is my responsibility to ensure that apps required for course use are installed and updated properly.

I understand that by signing my name I am authorizing Penn State University to charge my student account for the replacement cost of the iPad if the iPad is not returned or it is damaged or lost due to negligence.

____________________                                       ____________________

Signature                                                            Student ID Number

____________________                                       ____________________

iPad Serial Number                                              Date


Assigning Staff Signature

  • Original - IT Office 
  • Copy - Student