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If you attended the New Student Orientation (NSO) during the summer, you should already have your Penn State Access Account. If not, take your Penn State photo ID card to one of the Penn State Access Account signature stations listed below and follow the instructions. Please note of your user id when they displayed on the screen and do not forget the password. You are not allowed to share your password to anybody. Your account should be active within one business day.

If you have problems using the Penn State Access Account signature station, please contact computer support staff at the location of the signature station (if applicable), the ITS Computer Accounts Office, one of the ITS consulting locations at University Park, or consulting locations at other campuses.

Signature Stations are located at the following locations:

  •     Information Technology Department

Additional Information:

1.    IT Department staff is available to help with the Signature Station in the Butler IT office area.

2.    In general, anyone who needs help should contact the Hazleton IT Service Desk at 570-450-3456.

Your responsibilities:

You are expected to exercise responsible, ethical behavior when using the University's computers, information networks, or resources. To receive an Access Account, you must agree to abide by local, state, and federal laws, and University policies and guidelines.