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Students are allowed to print up to 110 pages of black and white including color documents each semester without incurring extra charges. The cost of these is subsidized by the information technology fee. After using 110 pages, student will not be able to print. In order to continue the printing services, the student must go to the IT Department and fill out the Print Billing Acceptance Agreement form. If you agree and sign the form, please be reminded that any amount over 110 pages will be charged to your account by the end of the semester. 



All students B&W printers - Black & White Option - $0.05 per page

Butler 204 & lower Library - Color Option - $0.28 per page




                                                      Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I get the 110 pages credit?

Your technology fee subsidizes the 110 pages credit each semester. The summer sessions are considered as one semester and a single grant of 110 pages is applied at the beginning of the first session.

Why is printing not free?

Printers, paper, toner, and ink cost a lot. Free printing results in many people printing documents they do not really need. The 110 subsidized pages help keep overhead in billing down and is a somewhat arbitrary number, but is intended as the bare minimum the average student can get by with in an average semester.

Exactly what will happen if I maxed out my credit?

After you exhausted your 110 subsidized pages, one of the two things will happen: (1) you will not be able to print; or (2) you have to fill out the form in IT Department to continue your printing services and any amount over 200 pages will be charged to your account.

How can I tell how many credits I have left?

Every time you login to any computer labs, it will show your remaining balance on the upper right side of your screen.

Do my unused subsidized pages from the previous semester carry into next semester?

No. A student starts each semester with a credit of 110 pages regardless of how many was used the prior semester.

I think I got charged for a print job that did not come out; how do I request a credit?

If no output came out at all, there may not be any print record. Often, if no output came out, there is no charge posted for a job. Look at your credit balance to see if there might have been a charge. The print job must be verified as being billed for by location, date, time, user id, and number of pages before credit is given. Fraudulent requests may be sent to Judicial Affairs.

How can I save some credits?

Using duplex printing every time you print will save you some money. Also, always use the print preview setting to avoid extra charges for re-printing.

Is there another way to purchase pages?

None. The only way is to sign and fill out the Printing Billing Acceptance form or you may go to IT Department.

Other questions?

Please do not hesitate to call IT Service Desk at extension 3456 or 570-450-3456. You can also email us at hn-helpdesk@lists.psu.edu.