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The residence halls are connected to an Ethernet network. Students who are staying in the residence halls are able to bring their own computers and connect directly to the Internet through an Ethernet network.

Ethernet Cards and Cables

In order to access the residence hall Ethernet, a student must have a computer with an Ethernet card installed (RJ45 connection needed). Most computer stores sell Ethernet cards. CAT 5 network cables are required and are available from most computer and electronic stores.

Connecting to the Network

    1.    Install and configure the Ethernet card.

    2.    Gather the following information that will be used to request your Internet connection:

  •    Access Account user ID (eg. abc1234)
  •    Building, room, and jack number
  •    Computer Brand
  •    Ethernet card address (refer to determining the address of an Ethernet card)

    3.    Note: Please wait until move-in day before completing steps 3 & 4. Register the Ethernet card with Rescom

           at http://www.rescom.psu.edu/ and click online Ethernet Registration link.

    4.    Configure the computer's network settings.

Determining the Ethernet address of  a network card

Your Ethernet card must be installed and recognized by the system for these instructions to work. For more information on obtaining your Ethernet address of a network card, please wait until move-in day.

Getting Help

Network set-up and connection problems can be reported to the Penn State Hazleton IT Service Desk at (570) 450-3456 or send a request using the Request Service Form. Residence Hall Network Support Students are available but are assigned through calls made to the Penn State Hazleton IT Service Desk. Members of the computer staff are available on move-in day to assist with connection set-up.