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1.     Food and drink are not permitted in any computer labs.

2.     Do not tamper with lab equipment (this includes but is not limited to the following):

            a. Unplugging computers

            b. Attempting to use the network for personal use.

            c. Attempting to gain access to the inside of the computer equipment.

3.     No unauthorized copying of software.

4.     Computer usage is limited to academic purposes only.

5.     Be considerate - others are working!

6.     The Service Desk phone is not available for student use.

7.     Report lost or stolen computer account information immediately to the lab assistant desk.

        You are responsible for any actions taken through the account.

        Report any lab hardware or software problems to the lab assistant.

8.     Students may ask for lab assistant intervention if computer lab usage is in violation of these

        policies and limits computer access for academic purposes only.