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University Campuses IT Services Catalog


Student Related Services

  1. Labs (Public, Instructional, and Major Specific)
  2. Accounts (Access Account)
  3. Technology Resources (eLion, ANGEL, Wireless Network, and more.)
  4. Sign-out equipment (Laptop, Digital Camera, and more.)
  5. Resident Hall Support (this includes move-in day)
  6. Making the Connection (student orientation)

Faculty Related Services

  1. Issue Information Technology Equipment (most faculty receive a desktop computer; however, there are some who have been granted special permission to have a laptop)
  2. Accounts (Access Account)
  3. Technology Resources (eLion, ANGEL, Wireless Network, Technology requests, and more.)
  4. Sign-out equipment (Laptop, Digital Camera, Projector, and more)

For faculty, all technology is requested through the IT Department. To assure everyone needs are met, we have several approval process in place. For individual faculty needs, Director of Information Technology, the Instructional Design Specialist, and the Director of Academic Affairs meet to discuss all decisions. To discuss the ongoing technology needs of the faculty, we have the Educational Technology Committee. Then, for the classroom, we have the UCIF committee. We can put a proposal each year for UCIF funding for technology classrooms.


Staff Related Services

  1. Access Account
  2. All Technology Requests (Software, Computers, Printers, and more.)
  3. Sign-out equipment (Laptop, Digital Cameras, Projector, and more.)

All technology requests for the staff are either discussed between Director of Information Technology and the individual supervisor, or between Director of Information Technology, and the Chancellor.

Outside Groups or Organizations

We also provide limited services to outside groups and organizations. These requests need to be brought to the attention of the IT Department as early as possible. No one is allowed to access to the campus technology without an account. There are only two people on campus who can give out these accounts. The individual using the technology must see one of these individual, with proper identification, to set up an account. No one is allowed to log into computer on campus for another individual. Also, no one thirteen or younger can be permitted access to computers on campus. There are several other policies in place that apply to outside groups and organizations, it is always important to discuss the needs of these groups before granting them permission to use the campus technology.