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The University Code of Conduct

The Code of Conduct exists to maintain a civil and safe community in which all Penn Staters can live and learn. The disciplinary process administered by the Office of Student Conduct is designed to foster growth and learning through holding students accountable for their behavior. The goal of the Office of Student Conduct is to create a community in which students’ actions validate the essential values of Penn State University:

  • Personal and academic integrity
  • Respect for the dignity of all persons and a willingness to learn from the differences in people, ideas, and opinions
  • Respect for the rights, property, and safety of others
  • Concern for others and their feelings and their need for conditions that support an environment where they can work, grow, and succeed at Penn State.

The Office of Student Conduct assigns designees at campus locations to assist students engaged in the student conduct process. The designees at Penn State Hazleton are Tracy Garnick (tlg19@psu.edu), DSSE and Marquis L. Bennett (mlb44@psu.edu), ADSSE.  Questions related to the Code of Conduct process should be directed to their office. They can also be reached at (570) 450-3160, or in the Office of Student Affairs, Butler Suite 105.

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