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The following programs have been developed to support the strategic objectives of Penn State Hazleton. Our purpose in identifying them here is to provide donors, both individual and institutional, with the opportunity to contribute to investment alternatives which serve there particular  area of interest. For further information on any of these initiatives please contact Kevin Salaway, Director of Development and University Relations, at 570-450-3015 or via email at kjs27@psu.edu


Academic awards are very often the single most important financial means available to worthy students seeking a higher education. An award or scholarship in your/family/organization name would be created at Penn State Hazleton providing financial benefits to worthy students in perpetuity. Whether created through monies gifted now or created later through deferred gifts, endowments continue to strengthen and improve the University and the world in which we live.

Trustee Matching Scholarships

A Trustee Scholarship provides the unique benefit of generating immediate scholarship funds for qualified students and, because it is an endowed scholarship, it will provide funding to Penn State Hazleton students in perpetuity. Additionally, through the matching of University funds with your endowment the Trustee Scholarship will generate larger scholarship awards from the very beginning. The Trustee Scholarship program is the perfect option for donors who want to see the maximum financial benefit for students both now and in perpetuity. This will be a key focus moving forward.  

The Symposium on Contemporary Women’s Issues   

A symposium centered on unique challenges facing women in the new age was established at the Penn State Hazleton campus by E. Lee and William W. Beard III. This symposium examines women in the workplace in the 21st century through guest speakers, lectures and panel discussion held annually at the Hazleton campus. This is a forum open to the public and contributions to help grow this endowment are greatly encouraged and appreciated. 

Realigning Pathways in Engineering Technology  

The engineering program at Penn State Hazleton is a strong, viable program accounting for approximately 14% of declared majors in 2011. Maintaining and growing this important discipline requires retooling the curriculum, creating partnerships with school districts and local industry, and equipment upgrades to attract and retain students and which address contemporary needs of industry. This funding project is designed to address those objectives. 

Campus Expansion    

Consistent with Penn State Hazleton’s master site plan is the continued growth of the campus in terms of land, facilities and student housing. Expanding the campus through acquisition of contiguous property and facilities will support the long term strategic needs of the University. Two existing priorities for additional facilities include “Phase Two” of the Charles T. Butler Teaching Learning Center and the addition to the Graham building.

Honors Program  

The Penn State Hazleton Honors Program is dedicated to providing academically talented students with learning experiences that will challenge them to reach their full potential. This program which provides honor students with various performance incentives including the opportunity to study abroad culminates in an honors certification by the Penn State Hazleton.

Lecture Series   

Use of renowned experts and speakers to develop and present subject matter with broad appeal to both on and off campus community, the lecture series facilitates the learning experience and generates maximum exposure and involvement in Penn State Hazleton.

Campus Beautification  

Our beautiful campus can be made even more attractive through additional planting of trees, plants and flowers, extending and repairing stonework of our buildings, upgrading our walkways, and placement of decorative benches in key areas. There are many opportunities to pursue in an effort to maintain the nature beauty of the campus.


Kevin Salaway
Director of Development 
Phone: 570-450-3015 
Fax: 570-450-3190
Email: kjs27@psu.edu