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The funds from scholarships help students pay for tuition expenses.   

Over 84% of our students receive financial aid and, on average, graduate with over with over $33,730 in college loan debt. Regrettably, many are forced to leave school before graduating for lack of funds.

Scholarships help ease the financial burden placed on a student. It means a student may devote more time to studying because they don’t have to work a second job.

Scholarships help the University by allowing us to attract the best and brightest students who may otherwise be unable to afford a Penn State education.

Scholarship benefactors ensure the future of our students, the University, the Commonwealth, and the nation.

Hazleton Scholarships and Awards

Giving Levels

Academic Award:  $20,000.  An award recognizing academic excellence, can be named for the donor, and in a specific academic discipline, or a general award.  For example, an academic excellence award in Information Sciences and Technology can be established that is an excellent incentive for students in that particular major.

Undergraduate Scholarship:  $50,000.  An undergraduate scholarship can be named for the donor and generally recognizes academic potential.  It can be designated for general scholarship support, or can be designated for a specific academic area.  Here again, a scholarship can be established, for example, in the new business degree, or for students enrolled or planning to enroll in Information Sciences and Technology.

Trustee Matching Scholarship: $50,000. Penn State’s Board of Trustees approved a groundbreaking philanthropy program that makes donors partners with the University in supporting our students. Through the Trustee Matching Scholarship Program, the awards generated for deserving students is matched three-to-one in perpetuity with funds from the university’s operating budget. This effectively triples the impact of a donor’s gift to the campus. This level of matching, which represents an increase from the program’s original doubling of awards, will be available from March 1, 2013 through the end of the For the Future: The Campaign for Penn State Students which concludes on June 30, 2014, or until the pool of matching support has been exhausted. Importantly, all scholarships designated for the Penn State Hazleton Campus will remain in perpetuity to benefit students here and once qualified as Trustee Matching Scholarships the awards generated will also receive the three-to-one match in perpetuity.



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