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Rotation schedules will be provided prior to the start of each semester. Each student is required to spend an allotted time in each department as follows (for a total of 544 hours):

  • Chemistry (includes Special Chemistry) -  (112 hours) 
  • Hematology – (120 hours)
  • Microbiology –  (104 hours) 
  • Blood Bank –  (112 hours) 
  • Urinalysis –  (48 hours) 
  • Phlebotomy – (48 hours)

Students attend practicums 2-3 days per week and campus classes 2-3 days per week during the 2nd fall and spring semesters.   Starting time is 7:00 am.  A 15 minute break is permitted in the morning as well as a 30 minute lunch break.

Part-time schedule

A student choosing to take the clinical experience part-time must have prior approval by the Program Director and the Clinical Coordinator of the clinical site.


Travel to the affiliated hospitals (2-3 days/week) is the responsibility of the student. 
Medical malpractice insurance: approximately $35
White lab coat, white shoes, scrubs
Physical examination prior to clinical year, including vaccinations
Background checks and documentation required for clinical practicum:  approximately $125