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Fall 2009 Honors Courses

English 30H - Dr. Peter Froehlich

STS 200H - Dr. Carl Frankel


Spring 2009 honors courses

CAS 100 H - Dr Molly Wertheimer

HD FS 297 H - Stress MAnagemnet - Dr Kathy Maxwell

Fall 2008 honors courses

Engl 30 - Dr Liz Wright

Hist 03 H (GH) - Dr Justin Nordstrom

Fall 2005 honors courses

  • SOC 30(GS)
    STS 200H is a course about the effects that science and technology have on our society and vice versa. It will deal with some very familiar technology-related issues such as the ethics of stem cell research and cloning, the effects of computerization on individual privacy, our dreams of visiting other stars and colonizing space, and technology as the killer and/or savior of the environment. The class will feature some traditional lecture but will emphasize discussion. Students wishing to get full value from this course must be willing to engage in this friendly give-and-take; we will be covering many issues which are controversial and which require us to examine our own feelings and moral standards in addition to having a grasp of key concepts and facts. The required text is a relatively inexpensive collection of essays that will serve as the bases of many of our discussions. Some of the essays in the text deal with the nature of technology itself: Can we control it, or is it like a snowball rolling downhill - unstoppable? Do guns kill people or do people kill people? Is technology an inherently male-oriented and male-dominated enterprise? Are superior robots destined to take over from us as the dominant "life' forms on earth? There will be some quizzes and exams, a couple of required essays, and an ambitious class project we will all work on together. The exact content of the course will be determined by the students' interests.
  • STS 200(GS)
    This course is a sociological exploration of familial structure, interactions, functions, cultural variation, and change.  Students will examine trends in the historical social demography of families, focusing on the United States in the late 20th century.  Students will examine social variations in family forms and family processes, including issues of culture, race and ethnicity, gender, and social class.

Spring 2006 honors courses

  • INART 1H (GA)
    In art, the more one perceives, the more one feels.  INART 1 is intended to serve as an introduction to the art forms of painting, sculpture, music, film, and architecture-and to the common elements they share.  In this course, an emphasis will be placed on developing skills that increase aesthetic perception.  Out-of-class activities-such as concerts, art exhibitions, and film screenings-will be used to apply classwork to real-life aesthetic experiences.

    Students are welcome to browse the course home page, found at: http://www.personal.psu.edu/faculty/t/w/tws4/inart1/default.html

    The course will include group assignments ( arts "scavenger hunts") as well as lectures to cover basic terminology in rhythm, texture, and form for each art form mentioned above.  For the honors course I'm also considering having students execute a brief creative project in an art form of their choosing (e.g., create a brief musical composition, a painting, sculpture, or design a building).  I'm not expecting more than an amateur's level of craft; my intent is for students to apply their knowledge of rhythm, texture and form in a "hands on" fashion at whatever skill level they currently possess.  It's the creativity of the design and the application of the concepts we cover in the course  that I'm most interested in.
  • ART H 112H (GA;IL)
    The course will cover the Renaissance and Baroque periods , as well as The Rococo , Neoclassicism and Romanticism (also Impressionism and post Impressionism if we get that far). There will be two major essay exams, midterm and final, as well as two announced quizzes. We will also have two take home thought essay questions, 3-5 pages each. The class will involve lecture and discussion. The discussions will center around two video series I will be  showing to the students, especially the Civilization series that I usually only do with my honors students.



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