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How do I find out who my adviser is?

Visit the Advising Center or login to eLion.

How can I get my final grades?

Login to eLion and go to the grades module.

How do I transfer a course from another college to Penn State?

Check that the course will transfer (Admissions Office or Advising Center) and is appropriate to your intended major and then have the institution send a transcript to Penn State (must earn a C or higher to transfer). Transfer credits do not count towards your GPA.

How do I transfer to University Park or another Penn State campus?

Almost all students stay at Hazleton for four semesters.  Students can move to a different campus, but movement to University Park usually occurs after four semesters.  Sometimes transferring to University Park is automatic. See an adviser or visit the Academic Advising Center to get info on how to do a change of assignment (COA) to another Penn State location. Change of location can/may  happen as a result of choosing a major. Check eLion after Spring Break to see location for Fall semester.

When, and how, do I declare a major? A minor?

In most cases, majors are declared during your 4th semester through a module on eLion known as Entrance to Major (ETM). See your adviser or the Advising Center for details. Although you may begin working on a minor here, minors are usually declared at University Park.

How can I learn more about internships?

See the college representative for your college or the Advising Center.

How do I move from provisional to degree status?

The process begins with an appointment with Tammy Spevak and proceeds to Admissions.

How, and when, can I drop/add a course?

Courses may be dropped and added during the first 10 calendar days of the semester. A tuition penalty may apply when dropping a course. The drop/add process can be completed  at the Registrar's office, or by using eLion. To add a course that is full, the instructor's signature is required. The request must be processed at the Registrar's office.

What do I have to to do to take a semester off (Leave of absence)?

Visit Sue Cervasio in the Advising Center to file the appropriate form.

How do I withdraw from the University? Can I withdraw and come back?

Withdrawals are processed in the Advising Center. Information on returning after a withdrawal is given at the time of withdrawal.

How can I learn more about studying abroad?

See our International Programs page and see Dr. Sherry Robinson in the Administration Building, Room 301.

What do I have to do to register to graduate?

Check the Registrar's website for the Academic Calendar to determine appropriate dates. You must indicate on elion that you will be graduating.  This must be done at the beginning of the semester in which you plan to graduate.

What is academic renewal?

See the staff in the Advising Center for information on Academic Renewal.

How do I get a degree audit for a different major?

Go to the Degree Audit module in eLion or see the staff in the Advising Center.

How do I go about changing my major?

Visit the Advising Center.

Where can I get answers concerning financial aid?

Visit the Office of Student Aid, Administration Building, Room 222.

What do I do if I find that I am failing in all my classes?

Contact your adviser or call the Advising Center at 570-450-3194 to request an appointment.

What is an academic warning?

Academic Warning is a notice to the student that his or her academic performance is not up to par. If a student continues to perform poorly, he or she may be dropped from the university for unsatisfactory scholarship.

What is a grade point deficiency?

A grade point deficiency exists when a student's cumulative average is below a 2.0.

Do my cumulative credits include courses in which I've earned an F?

Yes, cumulative credits include the number of credits scheduled at Penn State for a letter grade even if an F is earned.  Grades of F remain on a student's transcript. If the course is repeated, the higher grade will also appear on the transcript.



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