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When will I be attending New Student Orientation (NSO)?

The information provided here is intended to give students an indication of when they can expect to be invited by the Division of Undergraduate Studies to participate in the New Student Orientation. At the Hazleton campus our NSO days are in mid-late June.

NSO Testing (Begins Mid-March)

After you accept your offer of admission, you will be scheduled to take NSO testing on the Web. The tests take about 3 hours or less. You will be given a deadline by which you MUST take these tests online in order to have the results available to the advisors when you attend your NSO advising day. Details about the testing will be sent to you along with the notification of your deadline after March 15 and on a rolling basis.


Students use the months of March, April and May to take the placement tests

On-line scheduling of a NSO Advising Date

Students will be mailed a letter with instructions on scheduling a NSO date.  These letters will be mailed by the end of May.

NSO Advising (Begins Mid-June)

After you complete testing, a letter inviting you to select a NSO date will be mailed to you (sometime in mid-May). The NSO program at Hazleton is a full day program. When you receive notification to choose your date, please choose the earliest possible date and refrain from changing it. Canceling or changing your appointment may result in your not being able to schedule critical classes your first semester. If there is an unforeseen emergency that prevents you from making your NSO day, please contact the Advising Center at 570-450-3194.  Please be sure that you report on the correct day.

If you require special accommodations for your NSO Advising Day, please contact 570-450-3005 by the beginning of June.