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2013 Penn State Eastern Regional Undergraduate Research Symposium


The poster presentation is a way for students to explain their research to a broad audience in a concise, visually appealing manner. To that end, the author should confer with their adviser and other students to gauge the accessibility and clarity of their work.

During the symposium, students should be present beside their posters during the allotted time to address questions, provide demonstrations (as needed) and speak with judges.       


Posters are attached to cork bulletin boards 4 feet wide by 3 feet high (provided by the Penn State Hazleton). There are two common techniques for poster preparation:

  • Create a new document in power point that is no more than 46” wide by 34” high (to allow for the metal border on the cork board). This can be done in Office 2010 by choosing “Design” from the top menu and then “Page Setup.” Choose landscape and specify 46” wide by 34” tall. After the content has been added, this document can be saved as a PDF and printed at local print shops such as Staples.
  • Generate a poster manually from nine landscape sheets of standard paper (8 ½” by 11”). The student prints out each sheet (formatted in the fashion of a power point presentation) and then attaches this to a larger 11” by 14” sheet of blue poster board. These nine sheets are then assembled in a grid on the cork bulletin boards.


The materials required for the creation of posters may be provided by your local campus. On the day of event, students will be assigned a cork board to display their poster in the Graham building on the Penn State Hazleton campus.


It is recognized that the standard format may not lend itself to projects from all academic disciplines. For this reason, students who need special equipment (such as a computer or AV equipment) will be accommodated to the best of our ability; it is up to the student to make us aware of this need as soon as possible. Please contact Dr. Zugang (Leo) Liu, Assistant Professor of Business Administration, Penn State Hazelton, at 570-450-3096 or ZXL23@PSU.EDU.

Students who wish to keep their posters are welcome to remove them from the cork boards (students cannot keep the cork boards – we re-use them each year) after the symposium has concluded.